Art Playing Cards

The Critic Beard 01.jpg
The Artist Day to Day 01.jpg
The technician Travel 01.jpg

2017 City of Culture Hull is hosting the Turner Prize this year and to engage young children with the nominations, they asked Studio Anorak to create a pack of 24 playing cards dedicated to having fun with art.

The cards are divided into four categories, related to professions pertaining to the art world: the Technician, the Artist, the Collector and the Critic. Each of these categories have 6 challenges that children have to perform while visiting the Turner Prize 2017 exhibition at The Ferens Art Gallery (Hull).

Some of the activities include measuring the gallery space using feet, hands or thumbs (!), imagining the artist as an animal, lying on the floor and asking people whether this is a masterpiece or organising an auction. 

These beautifully illustrated and fun packs will be distributed at the gallery all throughout the Autumn. 

Tasks: concept, illustration, copy, design. 

Illustration by Jay Wright. Design by Ben Javens.