Draw me something: Adam Higton.

I am really proud to introduce you to our new weekly series: Draw me something. Celebrating the enormous talent of Anorak's amazing contributors, it is all about finding out a bit more about the artists behind the drawings.
We kick off this week with the guest illustrator of our Myths and Tales edition: Adam Higton aka The Wizard.

Who or what inspired you to draw?
I started young, when I was eight years old! I made six books called The Hats (Brad, Roy and Jim). They were odd, proper hats with sticky legs on. The books were: The Funny Hats (which also starred the Ginger Bread Man), The Hats Go West, The Hats in a Haunted House, The Hats in a strange world, The Hats in Dinosaur Land and The Hats in Fantastic World! I got a lot of my ideas then from Commodore 64 games, Dizzy The Egg is referenced here and so is the villain Chester which looks like he is from the animation Stoppit and Tidyup. There are traps in these books which have come straight from the film Home Alone which I was obsessed with. There are also references to Jurassic Park and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
Walking is good for me. I live near a river and on a road which has a stretch of about ten charity shops! I pick up some great bargains from there such as Syd Barrett's solo records for £1, Tandy drum machine for £2 and a big Hans Bolling wooden duck for £4! I lived in Bergen (Norway) for a few months in 2007, and I would say that that time had a vital role in the work that I make today. It was lovely there, you could be in town one minute and walking through the mountainside 20 minutes later. My bus journeys had beautiful views of the mountains, snow and colourful houses while listening to The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion album. Sometimes I replay those memories in my mind and it inspires me to get going.

Who is your drawing hero?
Too many but here are few... Old: Dick Bruna, Theodore Kittlesen, Tove Jansson, Ivan Bilibin and Charles Schulze. New: Alexander Tucker, DCW Briggs, Marcus Oakley, Simon Peplow and Takizawa Tohru.

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
My favourite time to draw is at home on a Saturday morning, when it is sunny, and I am listening to the Tornados.

Thank you Adam!
Adam Higton is currently working on a comic called The Cosmic Neighbourhood, which you can follow here. His cosmic patches and Snowfall Kingdom Comic are both available to buy from our shop. Err, yeah, PLUG!