Draw me something: Cachete Jack

The undisputed queens of silly puns, Spanish duo Cachete Jack have the unique ability to turn life's most bittersweet or mundane moments into beautiful drawings. They have worked for a variety of clients and magazines, ranging from Hermes to Computer Arts. And of course Anorak! Every issue, they magnificently bring to life our travel feature 'When O went to".

Who or what inspired you to draw?
Life. Things that happen to us, things that worry us. Our environment. Our experiences that make us feel like losers or winners, more losers that winners usually! And how to change these experiences or even improve them!

Where do you go to find inspiration?
The way some friends speak, jokes, the games you can play with language to make fun out of normal things. All this translates in irony or humor. Things that make us smile and think "oh man, you cannot be saying that..."

Who is your drawing hero?
Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. We think these two characters have many things in common.

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
A big old studio with lots of light, where you feel free and where there is new material everywhere. Lots and lots of paper and music to dance to and a garden with barbecue and a sofa to invite friends to have a drink!

Cachete Jack have just launched a small range of tees and sweats, on the theme of ANONYMOUS (geddit?!). You can order your own here.