Imperial Festival.

Pearls or no pearls?

This Saturday, we headed to the prestigious Imperial College, in South Kensington, for their annual festival. We spent an amazing afternoon losing ourselves in a vast array of activities and filling our brains with interesting science facts.
We touched a snake, handled a chameleon, saw (for the first time) an axoltl, got tickled by a millipede, ooh'ed and aah'ed at some explosive chemistry experiments, marveled at a prototype that creates blood cells outside the human body, learnt how to perform CPR, discovered the existence of spray-on fashion and drummed on rubbish bins. And that's not even half of what we did!

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly being able to join the Imperial College Symphony Orchestra in making some music (us with paper bags, them with proper instruments!) and being given the chance to conduct a bit of a Tchaikovsky piece under the tutelage of their eminent conductor Richard Dickins. What a hoot!

Thank you to everyone at Imperial College for such an inspired day and opening our minds to the wonders of science and music. We will be sure to come back next year.