Rebel Anorak.

A couple of nights ago, we were enlisted to become Rebels and help protect the galaxy. Believe us, we were. We were asked to meet at a secret location in London, got a medical check up to see whether we were fit enough, learnt a few martial arts moves, got given a secret mission by one of the rebels and were sent to the city of Tatooine.

There, we got thrown into prison (that'll teach us accepting missions from traitors), gambled our gold away and hugged Chewbacca. We can't tell you what we did for the rest of the evening because we are sworn to secrecy, but hope you will believe us when we say it got more and more thrilling.

See, it's hard to describe an evening at Secret Cinema for many reasons:

1. We risk sounding bonkers. "What did you do last night, Anorak?" "Oh you know, not much, just shook hands with Han Solo and hugged Chewbacca." For the record, we WERE rebels and we DID hug Chewbacca.

2. We are not allowed to say much. And that's half of the fun about Secret Cinema; you have no idea what to expect but as soon as you step into The Empire Strikes Back, you are left with just one thought: WOW.

3. There are simply not enough words to describe how amazing this event is. It is the best of cinema and theatre into one and so much more. So much more that you'd be quite happy to return every week.

All you need to know is that you MUST GO. Bring family, friends, cousins, uncles, aunties, grannies, regardless of whether they are fans of Star Wars or not. Because, for a few hours, you will forget who and where you are but you will NEVER forget where you were the night you helped save the galaxy.

SECRET CINEMA Presents STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK runs now until 27th September 2015. For more information and tickets, click here.