Weekend in Japan.

Weekend in Japan? Yes please! And guess what? We only had to travel half hour to get there. To Earls Court in fact. Where the fabulous Japanese cultural event Hyper Japan returned for its third year.

We enjoyed playing Nintendo's preview of Mario Kart 7, eating delicious takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and admiring everyone dressed in their finest Cosplay outfits. We ended up adding an 'Animals in the Forest' rubber set to our ever-growing Iwako collection and couldn't resist the lure of a Nanoblock toucan!

We left longing to return to Japan. Hopefully, soon, we will! In the meantime, we will keep going back to HyperJapan, as it is the perfect place to get our fix of Nippon culture.

To keep in touch with all HyperJapan events, register here.

Oh and if you want to know what we were up to when we visited Japan two years ago, check out the story "When O went to... Tokyo" in the latest edition of Anorak. Arigato!