When I was a Kid: Chi He.

In our new series “WHEN I WAS A KID” we ask our contributors and friends about what inspired them as children, to revisit the potential of our own, wild imaginations. This week we speak to multifaceted artist and Anorak studio illustrator Chi He, who brings a bright and quirky world (with lots of dogs!) to the pages of Anorak.

When I was a kid, I used to collect... Pikachu trading cards.

I used to watch... Ninja Turtles and eat pizza while watching countless episodes of course!

I used to dream... about having my own supermarket and eat sweets all day long.

I used to read... a Japanese manga called ‘Sailor Moon’. It’s still going. All the characters have super powers and they defeat darkness when they need to. But during the day, they are all ordinary high-school girls.

Now I’m... creating my own characters and stories based on observations from past and everyday life. It makes me happy and keeps me going!